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Skills Teens Want. Advice They Need.

Patrick Helps Young Adults and Educators Set Goals, Break Through Their Challenges and Break Free From Their Excuses . 

There are youth motivational speakers---and then there is Patrick! Whatever you think a youth speaker is, Patrick is probably not that. He is more than a speaker and more than a dancer; he is an experience.

Students across the country respond to a teen speaker like Patrick because he’s authentic; he’s not putting on a front to talk at them, he’s talking truth with them. Through dancing, music and lots of audience participation he draws students in by meeting them on their level.

 Patrick empowers students to break through their challenges and break free from their excuses. From high school assemblies to state and national leadership conferences he brings effective goal-setting and leadership advice with a bit of Latino flavor!

His school assembly programs and conference keynotes show teens that they don’t have to change themselves for anyone else;  they just have to be the best version of themselves while taking responsibility for their choices.



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Youth Speaker With Style. Student Success With Soul.

Flavorful Programs.

Patrick's high-energy leadership and prevention programs engage youth. Give your students a rhythmic experience focused on choices, goal-setting and being true to who they are!

Why, Hello There...

Students, advisers and adults love this guy! Patrick is an award-winning  youth speaker and first generation college-grad who has written three books, loves food trailers and dances like a machine!                                                                                                                          


Rock Solid.
Flex those muscles! Patrick is a solid speaker who has rocked four national conferences,  school assemblies and state conferences across 35 states over the last 9 years.