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"Because of you I actually understand to not give up on life..." Student|Teen Summit|MA

"It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say it That Matters."

From high school assemblies to conference keynotes,Patrick's programs engage and empower.
Whether he is connecting with a workshop of 30 students or rockin' the stage for an 
audience of 5,000 Patrick brings an element of authenticity that youth pick up on. No
gimmicks. No fluff. No trans fats. Patrick is invited back to events year after year because he is easy to work with, actually spends extra time with youth when he can and knows he is simply part of a bigger picture-your event. And to put the cherry on top the National Speakers Association awarded him the Bill Gove award and the Small Business Administration named him the El Paso Young Entrepreneur of the Year. 

"The Best Way to Be Real With Others is to Be Real With Yourself."

Patrick went from bullied middle school band nerd to a break dancing youth mentor 
after high school. Dance was Patrick's way of shedding his nerdy ways in the hopes
of finding acceptance. 

Instead he found himself yielding influence over at-risk youth who were drawn to his 
new found dance style. Patrick had found his platform as youth had found a new source of inspiration. He is more than a dancer,more than a speaker;
to youth across the country he has become a role model.

Different is Good. Donuts are Bad.

Patrick is a combination of Latino pride, American drive, rhythm and caffeine. 
He has performed to over 300,000 people across the USA, Canada, Mexico and Germany. 
He has even danced in a mall food court much to the embarrassment of his friend. 
In 2012 his programs were named a "Best Practice" by the Louisiana Air National Guard 
Family and Youth Programs.

Both his books "Mad Skills for Student Success" and "Bully Breakthrough" have been 
assets to teens across the country. He is currently working on a third book entitled
"From Me to We" in collaboration with Dr. Raphael Travis from Texas State University.

When not traveling Patrick is busy rock wall climbing, checking out hole-in-the-wall
restaurants, kayaking, driving his friends crazy with board games, dancing it up in Salsa clubs
and trying to get married so his mom will quit harassing him!

Lead, Encourage And Dance


Sun City Floor Rockers

In the Fall of 2002 Patrick had an impromptu dance battle against another student
during his university's home coming. Little did he know that one act would be the 
grounds for creating an award-winning non-profit motivational company called
Lead, Encourage and Dance (LEAD).

From 2002-2006 Patrick and his crew (The Sun City Floor Rockers) used dance,music,
DJs and rap to bring energetic school assemblies to the West Texas and Central Texas areas. 
Patrick was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the El Paso Small Business
Administration in 2006. 

That same year he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies from
 the University of Texas El Paso. After four years of  overseeing LEAD, he allowed his
 organization to sun set as the dawn of his career as a full-time youth speaker approached.