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                                   "Patrick was a hit. Evaluations were 100% positive." - P. Kershaw | Adviser| FCCLA | LA

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"More than 5,900 nationwide members, advisers, alumni, and guests of FCCLA gathered  in Nashville to celebrate this year’s student-developed theme, “Beyond the Label.” Patrick Perez served as a general session speaker, as well as a youth workshop presenter. His performance was energetic,lively, and engaging for both students and advisers. 

Patrick used dance to motivate the audience to express themselves as individuals and go ‘beyond labels’. Patrick demonstrated the power of positive action through dance, and empowered our members with a sense of self. I would recommend him as an energetic and relatable presenter for any youth audience."

Nicolle DiPasquale | Program Coordinator| FCCLA National Convention 

"Patrick’s high energy and passion for what he does immediately grasped everyone’s attention. His promo videos and unique interpretation to promoting higher education and overall motivation really made him stand out. I would definitely recommend Patrick for a student event where high energy and motivation are key!"
Barbara Jean Garza|Associate Director|UTPA|CASP Community Outreach


"I first heard Patrick speak at a National Leadership Conference for FCCLA and my students were very impressed with his message and personable character so I invited him to speak at our Regional Conference in Louisiana.  Of  course, Patrick was a hit.  From his cool dance moves and interaction with the students to his positive message, the students really enjoyed his presence.  Evaluations were 100% positive.  We decided it was time for a return visit (4 years later) and once again Patrick did not disappoint. Provided a positive message to our student members while having fun with crowd interaction, then interacting with them during intermission and post conference. If you are looking for a high energy keynote speaker that can interact with the crowd while sending a positive message, Patrick is the one you want."

Paula Kershaw | FCCLA Advisor | LA


“You were a hit with the 4-H members and really connected with them. Your message was exactly what 4-H stands for, thanks for doing such a great job. I hope you get the opportunity to speak to other 4-H groups around the country. You really did a great job, wish you the best."

Professor Faul | 4-H | LA

"Saw Patrick at 4H-U in Louisiana a couple weeks ago. So amazing. Didn’t get to talk to him, but his message was amazing. Me and my friends were on the verge of tears at one point, laughing our heads off at another. It was amazing and I’ll never forget it. <3"

Student | 4-H | LA


"He was fantastic! He was full of energy and life; a very positive message and wonderful role model. Many of our students are apathetic and need motivation on the topic of goal setting. A search on the internet led us to Patrick. Patrick helped them set goals and develop a strategy for accomplishing their goals. Schedule him! Now!"

Christie Lybarger| Lewis County High School| WV


"His presentation blew away my expectation. I expected a cliched speech mixed with corny dancing,but it was entertaining and very relatable for not only the group of students that attended, but for myself,a college graduate. He accomplished the main goal which was to get the kids involved and
motivated to pursue a higher education. If your group attending will be college students and younger, he is the perfect choice...."

Student Mentor|UTPA Gen TX Conference


"If you need someone to motivate young adults about pursuing an education and
  to get motivated to do it then Patrick is the person to call. We felt he had the
  audience captive, especially with his dancing.Young adults need presenters such as Patrick to motivate them and tell them not to give up because we try our best and we are starting to sound as their parents. [Take] a few minutes to view his video and see the interaction he has with young adults. Students have a lot to learn from him...."  
       P. Lopez | Director | Upward Bound | UTPA Gen TX Conference


“Engaging entertainment, but more than just dancing or laughs. Funny, but with a good solid message I really thought it was awesome.”

M. Miller| Texas Network of Youth Services | TX

"Patrick was a wonderful asset to the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program of Holmes County.  Our Program partnered with Patrick to speak to students throughout Holmes County about making “smart” decisions in life while striving for dreams.  He was able to reinforce the messages of the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program by educating students on issues pertaining to candy-flavored tobacco products.

Patrick reminded viewers of how the Tobacco Industry uses these products and so many more to target youth to get them addicted to tobacco products.  Patrick is capable of mixing anecdotes, stories about real incidents and people, with dancing to create an environment that mixes entertainment and education.  Even weeks after Patrick Perez’s visit to our schools, his presentation and interaction with our youth continues to inspire students to make healthy choices and follow their dreams."

Christopher Lauen|Tobacco Prevention Coordinator | FL


 “We liked how he tied in leadership with hip hop and dancing and dancing with being yourself, owning yourself, and propelling your ambitions."

Noah Nieting | HRC Youth Commissioner | MN

"It was AWSOME!  Everyone loved the message and how it was delivered.From the website and Youtube videos I felt he would be relatable to our youth.  His message is an important one to hear but doesn’t do anything if it doesn’t relate to the kids. 

He also got the crowd involved and moving which fit right into our overall message(self image, peer pressure, leadership, and overall health). If you want a high energy, fun, interactive speaker with something worthwhile listening to 'Pac Man' is your Man."

Greg Rivera | S.W.A.T. Program Coordinator | AZ


"Patrick was very energetic and had a great connection with the kids. His message was very on point and appropriate for the age group. He was able to inspire the kids and give them advice which can be applied to their every day lives. The audiences were also engaged throughout his entire presentation.  Engaging, flexible and friendly. Patrick rolled with our last-minute schedule changes and kept our kids engaged from the start. He also helped MC our event by backing up behavioral expectations. Patrick knows how to connect with kids. He shares his story in an engaging way and follows standard 21st century drug prevention-you do not tell students what to do.He went above and beyond."

Adam Niederpruem|Break The Chain Tobacco Rally|TX 


"Patrick, thank you once again for such an engaging performance and your willingness to help as needed in order to make our event such a success. I’d love to have you back in Colorado again for all of the military kids; Wonderful!  The teens were so engaged and you relate to them so well." 

Alice Nofziger|National Guard Youth|CO 


"Patrick’s approach to middle school problems and struggles was memorable; the kids are still speaking on his presentation. The connections that were made with his own life experiences made it that much more impactful.Bullying, and transitioning goals and expectations.  

The idea of transitioning to the high schools for our 8th grade became more than just something that will happen next year.  It is now in their scope, and they are now taking 8th grade more serious. We selected Patrick because we felt his message for our student body will be far greater than speakers we had in the past.  

The fact that he uses music and dance as a catalyst can keep anyone focused on the purpose at hand.  And he’s just plain awesome. Patrick had the ability to touch the hearts of students as well as faculty and staff.  I wish to speak with Patrick about coming to speak to our high school students next year." 

Lise Leist|King School|CT


"You are a very talented man and you inspire many to get their life in order to succeed through positive choices.Thanks for coming out here and keep up the fantastic job and being real. Bless you!"



Patrick, I wanted to share this with you.  I just received the evaluation reports and I cut out the information relevant to you specially.  The 87 and 88 mean how many surveys mentioned and rated your workshop/ closing.  5 are the highest you can go as you can see you were rated very high in both areas. 


Presenter Effectiveness                        Usefulness of Information

               (87)            4.74                                                (88)            4.65

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