'11 NM Student Council.

Highlights from  NM Student

Council Keynote. 


Patrick warms the hearts of FCCLA members after an evil winter storm prevents some members from attending.

Back To School Tips.

A quick dose of advice for inside and outside of the classroom!

'13 RAZE Tobacco Free

Pittsburgh Steeler Wes Lyons and Patrick tackle tobacco use alongside students from across West Virginia. 

'14 RAZE Tobacco Free.

 Patrick and America's Got Talent Star Colton Pack  rock the house for Tobacco Free Living in West Virginia.

"If You Need Someone to Motivate Young Adults About Pursuing an Education &  to Get Motivated to do it then Patrick is the Person to Call."

NASA Mar's Trekker Summit.

What happens when students from across the world meet a Mexican who is out of this world?? 

Valentine's Survival Guide.

Can you feel the love tonight?  

Bully Prevention Gangnam Style.

October is Bully Prevention Month! 

TX Dist.17  Student Council.

Students share their wisdom and Nae Nae skills!


P. Lopez | Director | Upward Bound  | TX

GOALS & Peanut Butter!

5 facets of GOALS + the glory of PB! 

Video for Coach.

Patrick's old college roomie was showing these videos to

his students. Patrick then made a special little video

just for them. Give the move a try! 

I Am.

A fresh look at identity through visual movement. 

2016 Houston CED Intro.

Patrick gets adults sponsors and city youth up and grooving before his middle school keynote.


2015 Demo 

Wait, didn't you already see this one on the home page? Yeah, it is pretty cool, huh? 

'11 KRWG Interview.

Join up with KRWG as they give a behind the scenes look at Patrick's programs in Hatch, NM.


Haven't Had Enough!?

Click on the link here and check out even more videos from Patrick! 


The Epic Battle.

One dance battle that changed the course of history for two UTEP freshmen...and the world!!


Book Now:   1-888-247-5784 

'10 OASC Tour

Enjoy this epic road trip with the amazing Sara Nilles (StuCo Adviser) and Patrick as they embark on a crazy awesome StuCo tour across Oregon . 

Watch. Enjoy. Repeat.

Hispanic Heritage

Patrick and fellow Sun City Floor Rockers crew members share some love.